Kingston Public Market
Get Fresh, Go Local at Kingston Public Market

Discover Ontario's oldest and longest running market. Browse the diverse range of stalls, showcasing a variety of products from the region and afar. Learn more...

Local, Fresh, Unique
Local, Fresh, Unique

Why buy anwhere else? The Kingston Public Market offers an incredible variety of local and handmade products. Learn more ...

From The Source
From The Source

The only middle man here is the next person in line. Buy food and goods from the people who produce them. Learn more ...

A Market Square Flash Mob
A Market Square Flash Mob

In promotion of the Focus on the Arts All Candidates Meeting featuring The Gertrudes and Open Voices. Watch the video...

Market Square

The Kingston Public Market, located in beautiful downtown Kingston, is the oldest continually running market in Canada. Photgrapher: Iggy Jerebic, Vendor, Kingston Public Market

Operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, April through to November

What's New at Kingston Public Market
July 24, 2013
Every Saturday in July and August, there will be free chef cooking demos at the Kingston Public Market. The demos will happen in the courtyard of Spring Market Square at 11am. The cooking demos are all about Kingston’s best chefs sharing their knowledge and passion for local food with the...

In Season
Okra is a member of the mallow family (other members include cotton, cocoa and hibiscus). It is eaten worldwide and is especially prevent in Asian and African countries. Okra is best either sliced...