Local Farmer – This farmer produces 80% or more of the products they sell.

Patchwork GardenPatchwork Garden

Category: Food Vendors

Stall Numbers: 34, 35

Patchwork Gardens grows a large variety of certified organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. The farm is located just a few kilometers SE of Battersea (only 20 min. from Kingston). The soil is known as Battersea silt-loam and is some of the deepest and most fertile in the region. We have a commitment to nurturing the soil and this is reflected in the quality of our produce.

We specialize in Lettuce, Greens, Basil, Cherry and Large Heirloom Tomatoes, Carrots and Beets, as well as vegetable bedding plants .

We are at the Kingston Market in the 2nd row:

  • Thursday and Saturday -from May to June.
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - from mid June to November.

Our produce is also available at Tara Natural Foods and many excellent downtown Kingston restaurants.

Contact Information

Patchwork Gardens
4649 Milburn Rd. RR#1
Battersea, ON
K0H 1H0