Local Farmer – This farmer produces 80% or more of the products they sell.

Category: Food Vendors

Stall Numbers: 36, 37

Ravensfield is a diversified farm which includes livestock (Tamworth pigs, goats and heritage type chickens) that provide food as well as rich compost for a 1 acre intensive market garden. All our produce is grown organically in our garden in Maberly, Ontario. We grow a very wide range of different vegetables; specialties include garlic, fingerling potatoes, salad greens, and root crops such as carrots and parsnips. Varieties of vegetables are chosen on the basis of taste; most are non-hybrid, older types. We use biodynamic practices and are certified with Demeter. Our aim is to grow the most nutritious food possible; healthy food which keeps well and tastes great. Ravensfield has been selling organic produce at Kingston Market since 1989.

Contact Information
Titia Posthuma

Ravensfield Farm
1688 Old Brooke Road
Maberly, ON

(613) 268-2248